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Whether it's your life's memories or your life's work, I have a passion for getting your story out there!

How did I get here?

I'm a small-town girl with a passion for stories and small business.  I started my first business (my first passion), photographing weddings and portraits in 2010.  Since then, I've started a second business in real estate and have been loving it!


While my love for weddings hasn't died, doing the small biz thing has made me realize that my heart has a great big place for small business owners.  Self-employment can be lonely, but we can build each other up!



When I became Traci True...

My maiden name has way more letters and is way harder to pronounce.  Not only did Josh give me a cool last name, but he has been the biggest supporter of my businesses.  It helps that he's cute and funny. ;-)

Living food_edited.jpg


How long have you been a photographer?

Although I started getting interested in photography in highschool while on he yearbook staff, and followed my cousin around while he did projects for his college photography class, I didn't pick up a real camera until 2009.  I was super lucky and met a wedding photographer that took me on as her assistant and taught me how to shoot.  That first summer, I ended up shooting about 30 weddings with her.  When I went off on my own, I invested in my own gear and a bunch of education.  And I've continued to invest in education every year since!

Why did you want to be a photographer?

I was always fairly "artsy" growing up.  I loved drawing and sculpting, and took as many art classes as I could get in my tiny, public school.  I also took some college art classes.  I just never knew what I could do with art as a career, until I found photography.  It gave me the same sense of completion as finishing a piece, with the added benefit of being fast!  Thank you, digital!  Haha! 

What would you say your style is?

I love to mix my shooting style up a bit--both traditional as well as some more modern and candid shots.  Now in my editing, I always aim for clean, timeless, and classic.  I don't want it to be obvious that the photo is edited at all.  It's also my belief that no one should be able to date your photos based on the editing.  Your choices of clothing are on you though.  ;-)

What else do you like to do besides photography?

I still like to draw if I can make the time.  I've always love faces and black and white.  But I'm also a bit of a foodie!  Food allergies complicated that a bit, but I still love to cook, and it's fun for me to recreate foods I loved before I was diagnosed!  I also like to grow as much of my own organic food as I can, and do some food preservation.  My husband and I have our cows and raise our own (almost) grass-fed beef, and sometimes we raise organically-fed chickens. 

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